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John J. Lothian & Company, Inc.
Founded 2003
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Key People John J. Lothian, President & CEO, Jim Kharouf, Editor in Chief and President, John Lothian News
Employees 10
Products John Lothian News, MarketsWiki, MarketsReformWiki, John Lothian Productions
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John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. (JJLCO) is an Illinois, United States-based media company owned solely by John J. Lothian.

JJLCO is the parent company for John Lothian News (JLN), a financially focused new media company, publishing the John Lothian Newsletter, JLN Environmental/Energy, JLN Metals, JLN Managed Futures Edition, JLN Financials and JLN Options. JJLCO is the sole owner of MarketsWiki and its companion site, MarketsReformWiki. The firm also has a division, John Lothian Productions, which offers custom video work.

JJLCO is also the owner of John Lothian Managed Futures, LLC, a CFTC registered Commodity Trading Advisor.[1]


JJLCO publishes the John Lothian Newsletter, Environmental Markets Newsletter, JLN Metals Edition, JLN Managed Futures Edition, JLN Interest Rates Blog & JLN Options Blog. JLN was launched in August of 2000 as a viral marketing experiment by John Lothian. In 2003, John Lothian created JJLCO to own and operate the John Lothian Newsletter as a separate for-profit endeavor. The JLN was offered on a voluntary pay format with a suggested price of $75 per year during its first two years. In 2005 the price was raised to $95 per year per reader and in 2007 the price increased to $115 per year.

Both the John Lothian Newsletter and JLN Environmental/Energy are also offered with an Enterprise Rate for firms with multiple readers.

In June 2006, JJLCO partnered with financial journalist Jim Kharouf to publish the JLN Environmental/Energy (formerly Environmental Markets Newsletter), a daily email intelligence briefing that includes news, information and commentary about global emissions and clean-tech markets.

In June 2009, JJLCO launched JLN Metals, which focuses on the futures markets for metals, as well as physical trade news.

In September 2009, JJLCO launched JLN Interest Rates, which focuses on news and commentary in the global bond and credit markets.

In November 2009, JJLCO launched [[JLN Options], which focuses on options and options-on-futures issues and news.

In January 2010, JJLCO launched the JLN Managed Futures, a biweekly newsletter which focuses on news affecting the managed futures industry.

In December 2010, JJLCO announced the launch of a seventh newsletter and blog, JLN Forex. JLN Forex is a weekly newsletter to be launched in January 2011, accompanied by daily blog updates.

In February of 2011, JJLCO launched MarketsReformWiki, an aggregation and news site dedicated to the global markets regulatory reform efforts.

In April of 2011, JJLCO reorganizes and renames its news division as John Lothian News.

In May of 2011, JJLCO launched with an interactive video series titled MarketsWiki Questions: Exploring Financial Technology.

In January of 2012, JJLCO launched as a crowd sourcing exercise to find ways to restore customer confidence in the markets after the bankruptcy of MF Global.[2]

In October of 2013, JJLCO launched, a news website featuring comprehensive content from across John Lothian News and all its newsletters.[3] Additionally, Sarah Rudolph was named managing editor of JLN and Doug Ashburn assumed the title of vice president in addition to Editor-At-Large.

Managed Futures

JJLCO was registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor from 2003 to 2012.[4] Its trading programs dealt in a limited number of futures and options markets while allowing investors a choice of programs with minimum investment requirements as low as $15,000.

JJLCO, an Illinois corporation, was established in 2003 and registered with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a CTA and a member of the National Futures Association (NFA) in February of 2004. JJLCO began trading client assets as of Dec. 1, 2004. It discontinued trading client funds in 2011.

JJLCO in November 2004 acquired rights to the managed futures programs of Defender Capital Management, Inc. (Defender), which began managing client assets in June of 1998. In 2006, JJLCO acquired the exclusive intellectual property rights for the trading strategies Defender trading programs. The Defender managed futures programs acquired by JJLCO are named “Maple Sugar” and “Big ED.” JJLCO has contracted with Jon Matte to receive Big ED and Maple Sugar trading signals, position sizing, and trade management and money management instructions.

JJLCO’s Maple Sugar program traded No. 11 World Sugar futures and options on ICE Futures US and Canadian Dollar futures and options on the International Monetary Market of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. JJLCO’s Big ED program traded Eurodollar futures and options on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

The two programs employed a directional trading methodology developed to generate trade signals, and incorporate risk management techniques to provide insurance against a shifting market.

Registration Information

  • John James Lothian - NFA ID 0212478
  • John J. Lothian Managed Futures, LLC - NFA ID 0431985

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