Abdol H. Esfahanian

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Abdol H. Esfahanian
Occupation Software Development
Employer Auctos Capital Management
Location Chicago

Abdol H. Esfahanian is a consultant to the Manager in the areas of computing infrastructure and software development at Auctos Capital Management. [1] Besides working with Auctos, Esfahanian is also the associate chair with tenure in the Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering at Michigan State University. He has held this role since July 1990.


Esfahanian is a recipient of the Winthrow Teaching Excellence Award from Michigan State University in April 1998 and April 2005. He developed and supervised the development of various software packages ranging from scientific computing to web-based applications.

He is a member of several professional societies, including the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Society, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and Association for Computing Machinery.


Esfahanian graduated with a Bachelor's of Science from University of Michigan in 1975. He went on to receive his Masters of Science in 1977 and received his PhD from Northwestern University in 1983.


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