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Alphacet, Inc.
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Founded 2007
Headquarters Stamford, CT
Products Software Solutions

Alphacet, Inc. is a company that provides software solutions that aim to help quantitative analysts, traders and portfolio managers create consistent alpha, or absolute returns.


The company was founded in 2007, building on efforts that began in 2003 that were based on work by researchers at the University of California. Alphacet is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, with development facilities in Petaluma, California. [1]

Products and Services

Alphacet Discovery Alphacet Discovery is an STP solution for quantitative strategy development and deployment. This solution connects to leading market data vendors and market database partners, and provides advanced codeless financial modeling tools that allow traders to model, back test, walk forward and launch strategies.

Alphacet Discovery was recently cited in an Aite report titled "The World According to Quants: Enter Alpha Generation Platforms." Discovery was the only solution to receive its highest rating of four stars for quant platform functionality.[2]

Features Include:[3]

  • Ability to integrate real time, static and historical data from major market data vendors, exchanges and client-proprietary sources
  • Multi-asset class, multi frequency, multi-instrument type capable
  • Complete transparency with high-speed object-oriented visualization tools
  • Pre-configured quantitative, technical and statistical components
  • Complex multi-layer models can be created, backtested, and risk/reward measured in hours/days
  • Real-time machine-learning routines for creating adaptive strategies
  • Codeless environment for analysts, portfolio managers, research professionals and proprietary traders to discover, store and optimize arbitrarily complex algorithmic trading strategies, for both alpha generation and trade-execution logic
  • One click strategy deployment

Strategy Types Supported:

  • Fundamental
  • Technical
  • Statistical

Key People

Please find information on Alphacet's management team[4] below:


Alphacet has partnered with companies specializing in data management, market data, and secure hosting services. Partners include:


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