BlueMountain Capital Management LLC

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BlueMountain Capital Management LLC
Headquarters New York and London
Key People Samuel Cole, Chief Operating Officer
Employees 130

BlueMountain Capital Management LLC is a private investment firm with offices in New York and London. Its founders helped pioneer credit-default swaps.[1]

BlueMountain manages BlueMountain Credit Alternatives Fund, a relative-value fund that serves primarily institutional investors. The fund invests--both long and short--in the global credit markets, primarily through credit default swaps and other credit derivatives. It was launched in November 2003 by Andrew Feldstein, Stephen Siderow and Gery Sampere.

BlueMountain Capital Management is also one of the hedge fund founders of CMDX, the joint venture between the CME Group and Citadel Investment Group to clear credit default swaps. The venture has been in the works for almost a year but has not yet begun clearing the swaps. [2]

BlueMountain had earlier bought pieces of General Motors Corp.’s $4.5 billion credit line and purchased derivatives linked to GM’s unsecured debt that would pay out if the company defaults, according to a letter from BlueMountain to shareholders. (GM filed for bankruptcy protection on June 1, 2009.)


Products and Services

Key People

  • Andrew Feldstein, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Partner
  • Stephen Siderow, Co-President, Partner
  • Michael Liberman, Co-President, COO, Partner
  • Derek Smith, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Partner
  • Scott Beardsley, Head of Treasury & Operations, Partner
  • Louisa Church, Co-CEO, Europe, Head of Client Advisory – Europe and Middle East, Partner
  • Paul Friedman, General Counsel, Chief Administrative Officer, Partner
  • Noam Leslau, Head of Client Advisory – North America and Asia, Partner
  • Marina Lutova Meyers, Portfolio Manager, Partner
  • Charles Kobayashi, Portfolio Manager, Partner
  • Perry Vais, Head of Quantitative Strategies, Partner
  • Omar Vaishnavi, Portfolio Manager, Partner
  • Amy Wierenga, Head of Portfolio Construction and Risk, CRO, Partner
  • David Zorub, Portfolio Manager, Partner
  • Alan Gerstein, Senior Advisor


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