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Dan Mathisson
Occupation Managing Director
Employer Credit Suisse

Dan Mathisson is a managing director at Credit Suisse, where he is the head of advanced execution services, the global market leader in electronic trading. Mathisson founded the AES group shortly after joining Credit Suisse in 2000. Prior to that, he was the head equity trader at D.E. Shaw Securities, where he joined in 1992.[1]

In February, Mathisson was quoted by Forbes.com as saying that "more and more of the world's trading is done by spraying dark orders across multiple destinations using deliberately complicated patterns and algorithmic models that can't be discovered or duplicated."[2]


Mathisson is on the board of directors for the BATS Exchange, and he is a member of the NYSE's Electronic Traders Advisory Committee (ELTAC). He serves as a contributing writer and regular columnist for Traders Magazine, and his recent publications include a chapter on the effects of regulatory change on markets in "The Handbook of Electronic Trading." In August of 2008, he was named #6 on Institutional Investor's annual list of the 40 most influential people in trading today.


Mathisson graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Economics, and he is a chartered financial analyst (CFA).


Credit Suisse’s Dan Mathisson Predicts a Cheaper, Faster and Cleaner Trading Landscape for 2008, FinanceTech, Nov. 14, 2007


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