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Daniel H. Hodson
Daniel Hodson.jpeg
Occupation Director
Employer The City for Britain
Location London
Twitter @dhhodson
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Daniel Hodson is the chairman of The City for Britain, a pro-Brexit outreach group,and a director on the Vote Leave campaign.[1][2] [3][4]

In July 2016 he was tasked with putting together a nonpartisan board of financial executives to help advise the UK government about the financial services sector with respect to leaving the EU. Initially called "City United," it will be renamed "Financial Services Negotiating Forum", with a September 2016 launch date.[5][6]

He also works as a non-executive director of NASDAQ OMX NLX.[7]


Hodson began his career in 1976 working as a group finance director for Unigate PLC, a dairy company[8]. After leaving the company in 1988, he worked for a year as the chairman and chief executive of the Davidson Pearce Group PLC, before moving on to be the deputy chief executive and finance director of Nationwide Building Society[9], a post he held until 1992.

From 1993 until 1998, he worked as the chief executive of LIFFE, a tumultuous time for the exchange which lost one its key futures contacts during his post there. LIFFE lost its marketshare in Bund futures to the all-electronic German exchange DTB in 1997 and 1998. That historic event in the futures industry, which marked the only time a key benchmark product ever moved from one exchange to another, forced LIFFE to move from a floor-based to a fully-electronic market.[10][11] [12].

In 1998, he stepped down from LIFFE and moved on to become professor of commerce at Gresham University.[13]. During this period, he served as a non-executive director for the post office from 1984 until 1995[14]. After leaving his job as professor of commerce at Gresham University in 2002, he worked as governor of a number of schools in the UK, and served as a chairman and non-executive director for a number of companies[15].

Work for the Leave Campaign

In late 2015, Hodson began serving as the chairman of The City for Britain,[16] a pro-Brexit outreach group,[17] and as a director on the affiliated Vote Leave campaign.


Hodson went to Eaton College from 1957 until 1962, when he graduated and moved on to Oxford University, graduating in 1967.[18]


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