Eric Hunsader

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Eric Hunsader
Occupation Founder
Employer Nanex
Location Winnetka, IL
Twitter @nanexllc
LinkedIn Profile

Eric Scott Hunsader is the founder of Nanex, LLC, a market data and analytics firm based in Winnetka, IL.[1][2]

Hunsader's career spans over 25 years as a software developer focusing on real-time trading applications.

Hunsader is a vocal and frequent critic of abuses of high-frequency trading[3] and is featured in the movie Ghost Exchange.[4][5] He is also featured in a video about the Flash Crash titled 'Money and Speed: Inside the Black Box.'[6]


Before founding Nanex in 2000, Hunsader was a senior software engineer with He also spent three years as a senior software developer for CQG.[7]


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