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George Martin
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Occupation Trade Support Specialist
Employer Cheevers & Co.
Location Chicago
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George Martin is a trade support specialist at Cheevers & Company, which he joined in 2008. He serves as a director of the Security Traders Association of Chicago (STAC). He maintains his Series 7 and Series 99 registrations with FINRA. [1]

He was given the 2013 Presidents Award at the STAC Annual Meeting and Members Only Dinner held November 14, 2013 at TheWit in Chicago. The President's Award is given to the member who has had the most impact on the success of the organization in the past year.[2]


Martin began his career in 1977 as a runner for Merrill Lynch on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He soon became floor manager and was promoted to senior trader at the Midwest Stock Exchange. After leaving Merrill Lynch, he spent 11 years managing the trading desk at G.A. Davies & Company. He also served in senior trading roles with Melvin Securities, GVR Company, Chicago Securities/ATD, and most recently with BOE Securities, Inc.

MarketsWiki Education Video January 2015

George Martin, Cheevers & Co. – Keeping The Human Element

George Martin, trade support specialist at Cheevers & Co., discusses the importance of human interaction in the financial industry. Despite the fact that technology has moved a majority of trading activity from open outcry pits to digital screens, Martin stresses how human interaction is still a key element in the industry.

He also gives a brief background of his own trading career, and recalls the state of the financial industry before the technology boom. Giving an example from his own office, Martin tells the audience how he receives instant messages from someone a few feet away from him, when instead he would prefer them to get up and ask him the question. While Martin is not completely against technology, he believes that there is a balance that must be found between spending time in front of a screen and spending time in front of another human.


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