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John Edge
John edge.jpg
Occupation Managing Director
Employer RRVIG
Location New York, New York
Twitter @JohnEdgeNY

John Edge is a governance, risk, compliance strategy and capital markets executive and entrepreneur. He is the managing director of RRVIG.

Previously, he was managing director, capital markets business development for Actimize. He was also a co-founder and head of business development at RedKite Financial Markets,[1] an independent markets surveillance solutions provider. At RedKite, Edge developed a CEP-based solution that was created to meet the requirements and demands of buy- and sell-side institutions, trading venues, regulators, and other participants looking to manage compliance risk in real-time. [2]


Edge worked for CLSA G-Trade (now part of BNY Mellon), UBS Investment Bank, Lehman Brothers and J.P. Morgan. He was a founding member of electronic execution platforms at Lehman Brothers and JPMorgan.[3] While at J.P. Morgan, Edge also founded the global electronic client solutions (ECS) group and oversaw the firm's European strategy.

Career History

Role: Portfolio & electronic equities trading; execution services & advisory

Role: Equities, portfolio trading; execution services & advisory

Role: Equities, electronic trading; execution services & advisory

Role: Financial technology, Business and product strategy for global institutions

Role: Equities and European head of electronic client solutions

Role: Co-founder

  • 2012-2014 Actimize

Role: Managing Director, Capital Markets and Business Development

  • 2014 DSVA

Role: Member

Product Experience

Equities- Full trade lifecycle
Equity Derivatives- Full trade lifecycle
Algorithmic Trading- Technology, trading & risk management
High Frequency Trading- Technology, trading & risk management


Timing is Everything

“If you rang up a bank and said, ‘Look, I really understand blockchain, I understand bitcoin, I’ve been to these talks and I think it’s very interesting for OTC markets, because OTC markets don’t have a register of securities’ — there aren’t enough people doing this. There are more banks that want people and less people doing it.”

To John Edge, managing partner at RRVIG, the current technological climate represents a chance for young people to jump into financial markets if they can demonstrate mastery of digital innovations, specifically blockchain, “which no one understands in any sense.” As the industry decentralizes, the task for the emerging professional is finding the links between those new technologies and their applications in finance. One cannot be behind in the game if the game is just beginning.


BEng Honors Degree in mechanical engineering specialization, biomedical engineering



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