Karen A. Ogulnick

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Karen A. Ogulnick
Occupation Senior Vice President Of Program Management
Employer ELX Futures
Location New York, NY
LinkedIn Profile
Website www.elxfutures.com

Karen A. Ogulnick is senior vice president of program management at ELX Futures. In her position, she is responsible for all aspects of project management and provides strategic direction for product delivery and also serves as liaison to ELX stakeholders and vendors.[1]


Prior to joining ELX, Ogulnick was senior vice president, quality management at the American Stock Exchange[2]. Her responsibilities included establishing strategic direction and directing the implementation of quality management and assurance practices. Prior to Amex, Ogulnick was vice president at the New York Mercantile Exchange and onExchange and a senior consultant at Verizon.[3]


Ogulnick received a bachelor's degree in German from Colby College and a master's degree and doctorate in Theoretical Linguistics from the University of Connecticut.


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