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Kelly Haughton
Occupation Founder
Employer Global Index Group
Location Tacoma, Washington

Kelly Haughton is the founder and CEO of Global Index Group, LLC.[1][2]

Previously, he founded and was strategic director of Russell Investments. He served as the primary spokesperson for Russell index related issues.[3]
He retired from Russell Investments in 2008 after 27 years of work with Russell.


According to Intermarket Communications, as of 2008, Haughton’s vision for a representative index methodology accounted for $4.3 trillion in benchmarked assets 63 percent of all institutional products that use a benchmark.

Haughton led the development of Russell's family of U.S. equity indexe - the Russell 1000 Index, Russell 2000 Index, Russell 3000 Index, Russell 1000 Growth Index and Russell 1000 Value Index.[4] In 2007 Haughton negotiated the exclusive listing of Russell futures and options on futures with the InterContinentalExchange.[5]

Haughton was named to the newly created role of chief internet strategist in 2000.[6]

For 12 years, Haughton headed Russell’s client service programs for U.S. institutional investors. During this period, he spearheaded the development of IT initiatives for institutional investors, including developing a dedicated Web portal for Russell clients. At client services, he oversaw the provision of asset allocation, investment objective setting, investment performance reviews, trustee, custody and employee communications services to the company’s direct investment management clients.

Haughton joined Russell in 1982 and developed the first version of the asset allocation model used by Frank Russell Investment Management Company and its bank partners in helping their clients allocate assets across the firm’s funds. He then served as director of Russell’s research and development department, coordinating research and development across all Russell offices. He also has been a client executive for consulting clients in the U.S. and Japan.[7]

He is a member of the board of directors for the Economic Development Board of Tacoma/Pierce County and Junior Achievement of Greater Puget Sound.[8]

The William F. Sharpe Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Haughton by the Index Business Association for a having a career filled with industry-shaping advances in index construction and methodology.

Haughton also was instrumental in the development of the Russell/Nomura index family in Japan, where he served as the chief executive of Russell Indexes Asia, and he led the team behind the creation of the Russell Global Index and its patent-pending global-relative methodology. Most recently, he focused on the index derivatives strategy, including the historic and extraordinarily successful transition of the Russell Indexes futures contracts to the Intercontinental Exchange just prior to his retirement in October.


Haughton received a bachelor of science from Oregon State University and a master of science in econometrics from the London School of Economics.[9][10]

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