London Derivatives Exchange

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London Derivatives Exchange
 : LDX.png
Founded 2016
Headquarters London
Key People VJ Angelo
Employees 2-10
Products Interest Rate Derivatives

London Derivatives Exchange is the operator of an order matching platform and creates new products. The goal of the company is to create hybrid products that help bridge the gap between listed and OTC contracts.[1]

LDX came out of the restructured [GMEX]] Group in October 2016 and it technically is the revised brand name for GMEX Limited. Led by former GMEX co-founder VJ Angelo, LDX operates an order matching platform (LDX) and product development company (GDI). Its initial product was the Euro denominated Interest Rate Swap Constant Maturity Future (IRS CMF).[2]

The company's shareholders include Deutsche Boerse and Societe Generale's Corporate and Investment Banking division. Contracts are traded on the Eurex platform and cleared through Eurex Clearing.[3]

Products and Services

LDX Interest Rate Swap Constant Maturity Future (IRS CMF): These contracts: never expire, have no time decay and do not mature, trade as a rate, buyer pays fixed/seller receives fixed, notional size of contract varies by tenor and is listed and traded on Eurex Exchange.[4]

Key People


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