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Michael Spencer


FCFM, an investment firm chaired by NEX Group CEO Michael Spencer, has accused an oil executive and his wife of attempted insider trading and is attempting to gather additional evidence for a potential private prosecution.       View page

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World’s Largest Bitcoin Mining Manufacturer Earned $742.7 Million in Six Months

Thom Thompson » 10.23.18

This article is a follow-up to Thom Thompson’s earlier article, “Introducing Bitmain,” which you can find here. It is the second in a four part series. In preparing for its IPO, Bitmain, a Chinese bitcoin mining-hardware and services firm, has provided a detailed look into its operations. As one of the largest business entities in the industry and occupying as it does a central position in the industrial organization of bitcoin, Bitmain reveals a lot in its filing about the forces behind cryptocurrency economics. The Bitmain story is particularly compelling because no other major company whose fortunes are so closely...Read more

John Lothian News Sits Down With FIS

Mike Forrester » 10.12.18

FIA Expo Preview with Walt Lukken

Mike Forrester » 10.12.18

Nasdaq: Q&A with Oliver Albers – Data Is Revolutionizing Markets

John Lothian » 10.8.18

POV: Are Publicly Traded Exchanges Sticking It To You?

Jim Kharouf » 10.8.18

Brexit Has Industry Participants Prepping For “Worst Case Scenario”

Jim Kharouf » 10.4.18

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