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The equities, options and fixed-income markets have reached the midpoint in the journey to a T+2 settlement window from the current T+3 settlement, and entities such as the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. (DTCC) are fielding questions from clients about whether the plan should include distributed ledger technology such as blockchain. However, Murray Pozmanter, managing director and head of clearing agency services at the DTCC said such tech will not be necessary to move to …  View page

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John Lothian News Features

Maureen Downs, Rosenthal Collins Group – Brutally Honest: The Role of the Mentor

Doug Ashburn » 8.24.16

“Everyone wants to be on their team. They understand human nature, they bring people together, they know how to resolve conflict. That makes a great mentor.” Maureen Downs never had a mentor, but she knows what it takes to be a good one. A mentor is not supposed to be your personal cheerleader, or a mommy figure, or a career navigator, and certainly not a fairy godmother who can wave a wand and make your … Read more

Karen Wuertz, National Futures Association – Opportunity Behind Many Doors

Doug Ashburn » 8.23.16

Drew Shields, Trading Technologies – Next-Generation Product Development

Doug Ashburn » 8.17.16

Rumi Morales, CME Ventures – Investing in the Future of Fintech

Doug Ashburn » 8.15.16

Walt Lukken, FIA – The New Normal and the Five Tips

Doug Ashburn » 8.10.16

Cattle Call: CME Group’s David Lehman Explains Changes to Cattle Contract Specs

Doug Ashburn » 8.10.16

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