Mercado a Termino de Buenos Aires

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Mercado a Termino de Buenos Aires (MATba)
Founded 1907
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina
Key People Andrés Ponte, chairman, Marcos Hermansson, Vice-Chairman
Products Open outcry exchange

Mercado a Termino de Buenos Aires (MATba) is an exchange which offers futures and options on financial instruments and commodities. The exchange is made up of two markets that merged in 2019: Mercado a Termino de Buenos Aires, a futures and options market, and Rosario Futures Exchange (ROFEX), a futures exchange for commodities and financial products. The merger created a single derivatives exchange in Argentina.[1][2]

The Mercado a Termino de Buenos Aires was ranked as the world's 49th derivatives exchange by volume in 2018 with 713,360 contracts traded, up 152 percent from the previous year, according to the annual volume survey published by the Futures Industry Association (FIA).[3] The FIA report notes that MATba's total volume for 2017 was up 2.5% from the previous year, reaching 282,630 contracts.


MATba and ROFEX signed a merger agreement in November 2018 and received shareholder approval in January 2019. The final signing on the deal was completed in February 2019. [4]

In May of 2005 the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Mercado a Termino de Buenos Aires (MATba), a leading commodity exchange in Argentina. This agreement was created to explore opportunities for extending the global reach of both exchanges.[5]


The exchange lists agriculture contracts for wheat, corn, soybeans and other farming products, and financial contracts such as FX, ROFEX 20 Index and interest rates.

Annual Volumes

Year Total Annual Volume Percent Change
2018 713,360 152%
2017 282,630 2.5%
2016 275,676 12.4%
2015 245,318 4.5%
2014 234,351 (-)8.3%
2013 255,537 --

Key People


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