Michael McErlean

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Michael McErlean
Occupation Chief Executive Officer
Employer ELI - Hollyhigh International Capital
Location Chengdu, China

Michael McErlean is chief executive officer at ELI - Hollyhigh International Capital, a joint venture between Hollyhigh International Capital, a mainland Chinese investment bank and ELI Holdings Inc., an international advisory firm in China.[1]

He was previously managing director at ELI Holdings Inc.


McErlean has more than 25 years of management experience working in the U.S., Asia and Europe. He worked for Goldman Sachs for 20+ years in Chicago, Singapore, Tokyo and London, where he was responsible for developing growth strategies, improving operational performance and processes, and establishing a new strategic direction for the department to deal with the impact of electronic trading growth.

He was also an elected board member of three different derivatives exchanges: Singapore International Monetary Exchange, London International Financial Futures Exchange, and BrokerTec Clearing Corporation. He also worked for Deutsche Bourse as the director of sales and marketing at Eurex US and was managing director of a start up brokerage firm that was financed by Communicating Ltd, a privately owned UK-based technology firm.

He has been an executive board member of the Futures and Options Association and a past chairman of the U.K. chapter of the Futures Industry Association (FIA). He is a current member of the Guild of International Bankers in London.[2]

He was formerly manager at Trading OptX in Chicago.


McErlean earned a BS in Business Administration from Illinois State University.


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