Olof Stenhammar

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Olof Stenhammar
Occupation Founder
Employer OMX
Location Stockholm

Olof Stenhammar is an entrepreneurial derivatives exchange executive who founded and led OMX as it became one of the first European exchanges to issue it shares to the public.[1] He was the CEO of OMX AB from 1984 to 1996. He served as chairman of OMX AB from 1996 to 2007.[2]

In 2005, Stenhammar was elected to the Futures Industry Association Hall of Fame at the time of the 50th anniversary of the FIA.[3]


Stenhammar stepped down as CEO of OMX in 1996, partly to to lead Stockholm's bid to host the 2004 Olympic games.[4] He served as president and CEO of the Stockholm 2004 Bid Committee for the Summer Olympic Games.[5] The Olympic bid ultimately failed.[6]

He decided not to run for reelection to the board of OMX in 2007, having served as chairman since stepping down as CEO in 1996.[7] In 2007, the Swedish government said it would divest itself of its investment in OMX.[8] Stenhammar holds the position of honorary chairman of OMX.[9]

OMX and the Swedish Institute for Financial Research in April of 2007 established the “Olof Stenhammar professorship in financial entrepreneurship.” The possessor of the professorship was charged with conducting research in financial entrepreneurship and promote research and higher education in financial economics and also promote debate about the financial sector.[10]

Stenhammar has been independent chairman of the board of directors of Ratos AB since 1998. He has been member of the company's board since 1994.

He is chairman of Basen and Wilhelm Stenhammar's Foundation. Also, he is deputy chairman of the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. He is also a member of the board of Mentor Foundation, SNS Fortroenderad, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and Kungliga Orlogsmannasallskapet, among others.


He graduated from the University of Lund, Sweden, Pol.mag. He holds an honorary doctorate degree in Philosophy and Economics.[11]


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