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Patricia R. Callahan
Location San Francisco
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Patricia R. Callahan is a retired executive from Wells Fargo & Co.

She was responsible for providing oversight and strategic direction for the merger with Wachovia Corporation.[1]


Callahan was head of compliance and enterprise risk management, providing regulatory compliance oversight for Wells Fargo & Co. Before that, she was head of human resources since the Norwest-Wells Fargo merger in 1998. Before the merger, she was head of wholesale banking systems, finance and operations, and head of human resources from 1993 to 1997.[2]

Callahan began her banking career at Crocker National Bank and held management positions in operations, finance and commercial real estate. In 1984 she was promoted to senior vice president and manager of corporate services. When Crocker merged with Wells Fargo, she became division manager of wholesale operations and systems and served on the company’s corporate responsibility committee. In 1991, she assumed responsibility for systems, operations and finance for the real estate group.


Callahan graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she earned her bachelors’ degree in mechanical engineering and her masters’ degree in management/finance.


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