Rohit D’Souza

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Rohit D’Souza
Employer Citadel Investment Group

Rohit D’Souza joined Citadel Investment Group in October of 2008 to lead and expand Citadel's capital markets business.[1] D'Souza, who had led Merrill Lynch & Co.'s stock-trading division, resigned from the Merrill position in April of 2008 following a rift with Merrill CEO John Thain, according to media reports.[2]


At Merrill, D’Souza was global head of equities and alternative investments, responsible for all trading and sales-trading activities for cash equities, equity-linked products, strategic trading and all of the global equity financing and services businesses.

Prior to joining Merrill in 2004, he was head of North American equity trading at Morgan Stanley and also served with the Investment Technology Group (ITG).


D'Souza graduated from Bethany College with a degree in mathematics and computer science.[3]


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