Saro Jahani

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Saro Jahani
Saro jahani.jpg
Occupation Chief Information Officer
Employer Direct Edge
Location Jersey City, NJ USA

Saro Jahani is the chief information officer of Direct Edge.[1] Jahani joined Direct Edge in April 2011. His responsibilities include the management of information technology for the firm.[2]


Before joining Direct Edge, Jahani was Chief Information Officer at the National Stock Exchange (NSX) from March 2008 to April 2011.[3] He has also served as Global Head of Infrastructure for Townsend Analytics and Executive Vice President of IT Operations for SunGard. Jahani began his career as an IT executive consultant at Cap Gemini in 1994, also working in IT at Swedish Telecom and Crosfield Electronics.


  • MS, Electrical Engineering, University of Uppsala (Sweden)[4]


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