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Patsystems Plc

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*[[Richard Last]]<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Patsystems Key Personnel|org=Patsystems PLC |date=May 11, 2010}}</ref> is the Chairman/Non-Executive Director.
*[[John PriestleySean Barry]]<ref> {{Cite web|url=|name=Key Personnel|org=Patsystems Plc|date=July 16, 2009}}</ref> is a non-executive director.Managing Director of the Americas
*[[Graeme Neilly]]<ref>{{cite web|url= |name=Patsystems Key Personnel |org=Patsystems PLC |date=December 7, 2007}}</ref> is director, global account management.
*[[Kieron O'Toole]]<ref>{{cite web|url= |name=Patsystems Key Personnel |org=Patsystems PLC |date=December 7, 2007}}</ref> is director of operations.
*[[Sean BarryKatherine Murray]], Managing Director Global Head of the AmericasMarketing
== Commentary ==
*Patsystems [[API]]<ref>{{cite web|url= |name=Patsystems’ FIX Trading Gateway |org=Patsystems PLC |date=December 7, 2007}}</ref> is a full-function interface to Patsystems' trading system; Patsystems uses it to service its own [[front-end]]s. The [[API]] can be used by third parties who want to write their own [[front end]] to their exact requirements, or [[trader]]s who want to integrate with [[charting]] packages or algorithmic trading systems. Parties who are are familiar with the [[Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol]], the industry's leading protocol for [[financial trading interface]]s, can connect to [[Patsystems' FIX Trading Gateway]], which supports an extended [[FIX.4.2]] message set. [[FIX]] allows parties to run on whatever [[platform]] they desire.
*[[Patsystems ASPXConnect]] or is Patsystems' fully-managed application service provider is a hosted solution (ASP) offering that provides the full benefits of the Patsystems [[trading platform]] solution without the requirement for clients to [[invest]] in a technology infrastructure or technical support resources. The ASP offering supports a wide variety of end user connectivity options including Internet, VPN and lease line.
*[[J-Simulator]] is a training tool that enables users to "test trade" within a simulated trading environment.
*[[XConnect]] is a fully-managed [[Application Service Provider]] (ASP) offering via the [[XLink]] technology.
== Recent Initiatives ==