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Patsystems Plc

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Patsystems<ref>{{cite web|url= |name=Patsystems Website |org=Patsystems PLC |date=December 7, 2007}}</ref> is a [[trading]]-solutions provider best known for its globally distributed [[J-Trader]] [[front-end]] [[trading screen]]. Patsystems is an [[AIM]]-[[listed]] company incorporated in England and Wales (registered under number 4498002).
Patsystems also offers a network of [[exchange]] connectivity, [[risk management]] solutions and an [[API]] for third-party solutions providers. Patsystems' [[matching engine]] powers seven [[exchange]]s globally, including the ICDX of Indonesia, [[TurkDex]], and the [[Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand]] (AFET).<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Exchange Solutions|org=Patsystems Plc|date=January 31, 2008}}</ref>
[[ION Trading ]] is also a major [[shareholder]] in Patsystems Plc, with an [[equity stake]] of 29.06 percent in the [[software vendor]]. In November 2011, ION approached Patsystems with a 14p per share offer, a value of £29m. ION also admitted at that time that it had been heavily impacted by the collapse of broker-dealer [[MF Global Holdings Ltd.]] Patsystems estimated that MF Global owed it £900,000.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Patsystems gets approach from Ion Trading|org=Financial Times|date=November 29, 2011}}</ref>
== People ==
*[[Patsystems XConnect]] is Patsystems' fully-managed application service provider (ASP) offering that provides the full benefits of the Patsystems trading solution without the requirement for clients to [[invest]] in a technology infrastructure or technical support resources.
*[[J-Simulator]] is a training tool that enables users to "test trade" within a simulated trading environment.
== Recent Initiatives ==
=== Patsystems in Malaysia ===