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Patsystems Plc

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Patsystems , a subsidiary of [[ION]]<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=ION Trading finalises Patsystems buyout|org=FOW|date=February 15, 2013}}</ref>, is a [[trading]]-solutions provider best known for its globally distributed [[J-Trader]] [[front-end]] [[trading screen]].
Patsystems also offers a network of [[exchange]] connectivity, [[risk management]] solutions and an [[API]] for third-party solutions providers. Patsystems' [[matching engine]] powers seven [[exchange]]s globally.
== History ==
*Patsystems was founded in 1994.
*The company [[floated]] on the [[London Stock Exchange]] (LSE) in March 2000 and re-[[listed]] on the [[Alternative Investment Market]] in February 2003. The company was de-listed on 28th February 2012.
*Patsystems [[acquire]]d [[Tamesis]] August 2005.
*Maiden [[dividend]] declared in 2007.
*Patsystems [[API]]; a fully-functioning interface to Patsystems' trading system.
*[[Patsystems XConnect]]; full benefits of Patsystems' trading solution without the requirement of outsourced technology infrastructure or technical support resources.
== Resources ==
*[ Patsystems' profile on LinkedIn]
*[ Patsystems website]
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