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| company_name = CQG
| company_logo = [[Image:CQG_logo.png]]
| key_people = [[Josef SchroeterTim Mather]], CEO<br> [[Ryan Moroney]], President, Europe and the Americas<br> [[Rod Giffen]], Chief Operating OfficerPresident, CQG APAC<br> [[Steven Luebbering]], Chief Financial Officer<br>[[John Arvanites]], Chief Technology Officer<br>[[Mike Glista]], Senior Vice President
| foundation = 1980
| location = 1999 Broadway, Suite 1550, Denver, ColoradoCO 80202[[File:CQG_Headquarters_Map_in_Denver.jpg|200px|Image: 200 pixels]]| employees = 400375+ employees worldwide
| products = Software and infrastructure for trade routing, market data, and technical analysis
| twitter= CQGInc
| facebook = CQG-Inc-94436475887/
| linkedin = CQG
| homepage= []
CQG, Inc. is an [[independent software vendor]] that provides integrated solutions for [[Order routing|trade routing]], [[market data]], and [[technical analysis]] for [[futures trading|futures]], [[options]], [[fixed income]], [[foreign exchange]], and [[equities]] as well as data on [[debt securities]]interest rate contracts, industry reports, [[indices|financial indices]], and news sources. CQG's customers include more than 70 [[futures commission merchants]]. It provides direct market access to more than 40 exchanges in its global network of co-located hosted exchange gateways and its market data feed includes more than 100 sources.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=CQG|org=IT History Society|date=April 1, 2017}}</ref>
== Products and Services ==
*'''[[CQG Integrated Client]]''': CQG Integrated Client combines [[electronic trading]] tools, global market data, and advanced analytics in one application.
*'''[[CQG QTrader]]''': CQG QTrader offers powerful trading tools and technical analysis features to trade and monitor the markets.
*'''[[CQG Spreader]]''': CQG Spreader offers sophisticated order management and ultra-low-latency [[trade]] [[execution]] for trading multi-legged, intermarket, and intramarket [[spread]]s across accounts and asset classes.
*'''[[CQG Trader]]''': CQG Trader is an execution platform for traders who do not require technical analysis tools.
*'''[[CQG Data Factory|Data Factory]]''': The Data Factory allows [[trader]]s to buy historical market data, including intraday data starting from 1987.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=CQG Product Suite|org=CQG|date=October 15, 2012}}</ref>
== History Background ==CQG was founded in Colorado in 1980, expanding and expanded to Europe in 1988 and to Asia in 1998. The company is based in Denver, Colorado with sales and support offices worldwide. CQG partners with more than 50 FCMs and provides Direct Market Access direct market access to more than 40 exchanges through its global network of co-located Hosted Exchange Gateways.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=About CQG|org=CQG|date=October 15, 2012}}</ref> With customer support offices in Chicago, New York, Denver, Glenwood Springs, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, Moscow, and throughout Eastern Europe, CQG monitors a worldwide network 24 hours a day. CQG also maintains an online forum for customer seeking help from CQG and its customers.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=CQG Forums|org=CQG|date=April 1, 2017}}</ref> CQG works with 18 universities and educational institutions around the world, including Hofstra University, Kent State University, NYU Stern, Lehigh University, New York Institute of Finance, University of Colorado at Denver, Northwestern University and the University of Houston.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=University Partners|org=CQG|date=April 1, 2017}}</ref> In their early years, CQG was represented by [[Steve Dickey]], who spent 17 years in various roles at the company including Senior vice president of global sales and marketing.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Fruition Partners Hires Steve Dickey as Managing Director of Market Data Services|org=PR News|date=April 1, 2017}}</ref> An early effort by CQG to offer trading access from their analytics platform was a strategic partnership with [[Patsystems]], now part of [[Ion Trading]].<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=patsystems Announces Strategic Partnership with CQG|org=PR Newswire|date=April 1, 2017}}</ref> The trading offering was called CQG OTTO and [[Cargill Investor Services]] was the first to offer it.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=CQG Launches Trade Routing System; Three FCMs Live|org=WatersTechnology|date=April 1, 2017}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Market Profile|org=CQG|date=April 1, 2017}}</ref>  CQG's System One, which ran on a dedicated terminal, was one of the first systems to offer the [[CBOT Market Profile]].<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=CBOT Market Profile||date=April 1, 2017}}</ref>
== News ==
===Current News===
<small>"Current News" is populated by an [ automated feed from CQG].</small>
* [[Chicago Board of Trade]]
* [[Chicago Mercantile Exchange]]
* [[CME Europe]]
* [[COMEX]]
* [[Direct FX]]
* [[Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange|Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange]]
* [[Dubai Mercantile Exchange]]
* [[ELX Futures, L.P.]]
* [[Eurex]]
* [[GETDirect by KCG]]
* [[ICE Futures U.S.]]
* [[Johannesburg Stock Exchange]]
* [[Kansas City Board of Trade]]
* [[KCG Hotspot]]
* [[Korea Exchange]]
* [[London Metal Exchange]]
* [[NASDAQ OMX|NASDAQ OMX Commodities]]
* [[NASDAQ OMX|NASDAQ OMX Nordic Derivatives]]
* [[ESpeed|NASDAQ OMX eSpeed]]
* [[New Zealand Exchange]]
* [[NYMEX]]
* [[NYSE Liffe]]* [[NYSE Liffe U.S.]]* [[OneChicago]]* [[Osaka Securities Exchange]]
* [[Singapore Exchange]]
* [[Thailand Futures Exchange]]
== Key People ==
*[[Josef SchroeterTim Mather]], CEO*[[Ryan Moroney]], President, Europe and the Americas*[[Rod Giffen]], Chief Operating Officer President, CQG APAC
*[[Steven Luebbering]], Chief Financial Officer
*[[John Arvanites]], Chief Technology Officer*[[Mike Glista]], Senior Vice President of *[[ContinuumPat Kenny]], Senior Vice President*[[Patrick JAli Brennan]], Chief of Staff == Office Locations == [[File:CQG_offices_map_around_the_globe. Kennyjpg|700px|Image: 700 pixels]] <br/>'''CQG Corporate Headquarters'''<br/>1999 Broadway, Vice PresidentSuite 1550, Denver, CO 80202<br/>Local: 303-573-1400 '''Glenwood Springs'''<br/>201 Centennial Dr. Suite 150, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601<br/>Local: 970-945-8686 '''Chicago'''<br/>311 S. Wacker Dr. Suite 6100, Chicago, IL 60606<br/>Local: 312-939-3930 '''New York'''<br/>45 Broadway, 31st Floor, New York, NY 10006<br/>Local: 212-809-6100 '''Houston'''<br/>16225 Park Ten Place, Suite 551, Houston, TX 77084<br/>Local: 713-338-3450 '''Russia'''<br/>Sadovaya-Karetnaya 10/5, Stroenie 1, Moscow, 127006 Russia '''United Kingdom'''<br/>160 Blackfriars Road, London, England, SE1 8EZ, United Kingdom '''China'''<br/>1106, Chamtime International Financial Center, 1589 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200122 '''Japan'''<br/>10F, Marunouchi Mitsui Bldg. 2-2, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005<br/>Toll-Free: 0120-020-494 '''Singapore'''<br/>96 Robinson Road, #11-03 SIF Building, Singapore 068899 '''Australia'''<br/>56 Pitt Street, Level 8, Sydney, NSW 2000, Client RelationshipsAustralia
== References ==