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Updated key people
| company_name = CQG
| company_logo = [[Image:CQG_logo.png]]
| key_people = [[Josef SchroeterTim Mather]], PresidentCEO<br> [[Rod Giffen]], President and Chief Operating Officer<br> [[Steven Luebbering]], Chief Financial Officer<br>
| foundation = 1980
| location = Denver, Colorado
== Key People ==
*[[Josef Schroeter]], President*[[Rod Giffen]], President & Chief Operating Officer
*[[Steven Luebbering]], Chief Financial Officer
*[[John Arvanites]], Chief Technology Officer*[[Patrick J. Kenny]], Senior Vice President, Client Relationships*[[Mike Glista]], Senior Vice President of *[[ContinuumMichelle Despres]], Vice President, Customer Experience*[[Patrick J. KennyLeighton Andrew]], Vice President, Client RelationshipsSales (APAC)
== References ==