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Steve Dickey

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Steve Dickey is managing director of the market data services division of [[Fruition Partners]].<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Press Release||date=June 11, 2008}}</ref>
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== Background ==
Dickey was a temporary employee of the trustee of the [[MF Global]] bankruptcy and before that he was the global head of market data from [[MF Global]]. At [[MF Global]], he was responsible for global IT procurement and commercial negotiation. After helping the trustee wind down MF Global, he was director of business development for the agricultural services division of [[Telvent DTN]]. He then spent eight months as global technology manager at [[Thomson Reuters]] until he joined [[OPRA]] as director.  Before joining [[MF Global]] in September 2009, Dickey was senior vice president at [[Patsystems]] in Chicago. He was responsible for new sales in North and South America. He joined Pats in February 2009. He was previously managing director of the [[market data]] services division of [[Fruition Partners]], an IT consulting firm.<ref>{{Infobox Midpage Need Sponsorcite web|url=|name=Press Release||date=June 11, 2008}}</ref> Dickey has more than 22 years of financial market data experience. Before joining Fruition Partners, Dickey was a vice president of the [[Chicago Board of Trade]]. At the CBOT he was responsible for managing the exchange's [[market data]] business activities, including increasing market data [[revenue]] at the CBOT as well as developing new market data offerings.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Press Release|org=mondovisione|date=June 11, 2008}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|name=CBOT Market Profile|org=Technical Analyst|date=June 11, 2008}}</ref> Before he joined the [[Chicago Board of Trade]] Dickey served as executive vice president for global sales and marketing with [[CQG]], Inc. after holding numerous other positions within that firm over a 17-year period.
== Education ==
Dickey holds a BS in agribusiness economics from Southern Illinois University.
== References ==
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