Sydney Stock Exchange

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Sydney Stock Exchange
Founded 1997
Headquarters Sydney
Key People Raymond John Schoer, Chairman

George Wang, Deputy Chairman and Executive Director

Products Securities Exchange

The Sydney Stock Exchange (formerly the Asia Pacific Exchange (APX)) is a securities exchange in Australia that is intended to serve as a bridge for capital, knowledge, and investor relations between Asia and Australia.[1] Because of its ties to Asia, especially China, the exchange aims to attract Chinese firms looking to strengthen their global presence and provide Chinese investors and companies with an alternative listing venue to the stock exchanges in China.[2]

The Sydney Stock Exchange provides both listing and trading facilities under a license granted by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). APX is scheduled to begin operations in July of 2012.


The Sydney Stock Exchange began (as APX) as an exempt market exchange in 1997 and was granted a stock exchange license by the ASIC in August of 2004. In October of 2008, AIMS Financial Group acquired APX and facilitated the exchange's growth by providing necessary funding and developing key business strategies. APX's listing rules were approved by ASIC and Australia Federal Treasury in November of 2011.

Key People


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