VJ Angelo

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VJ Angelo
Occupation CEO
Employer London Derivatives Exchange
Location London
LinkedIn Profile
Website http://www.londondx.com

VJ Angelo is a financial markets and exchange executive. He currently serves as the CEO of the London Derivatives Exchange.[1][2]

He is the inventor of the Constant Maturity Futures.


Previously, Angelo served as president and MD of Global Markets Exchange Group (GMEX), which was later renamed London Derivatives Exchange in 2106.[3] He was a co-founder of GMEX with Hirander Misra.[4][5][6]

He has primarily worked with interest rate derivatives, fixed income and FX, and has worked in Asia, Europe and the US. He began his career on the floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange in the 1980s.

He has developed several businesses across numerous asset classes and regions and worked with inter dealer brokers such as Tullett Prebon, Tradition, GFI and BGC Partners.[7]

In 2017, Angelo was involved an accident while riding his motorcycle in London that nearly causes him to lose his leg.[8]



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