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Mirus Futures

Mirus Futures is the leading provider of futures trading brokerage services. Founded on the premise of revolutionizing an industry demanding high-speed and reliability, the Mirus team offers today’s ultimate solutions to empower your trade.

About us

Mirus Futures is a leading online futures broker focused on implementing advanced technology, service, and support to a wide range of traders and money managers. Mirus Futures was founded in February 2004 by Pat Shaughnessy and Eliot Wickersheimer with the goal of providing futures traders with training, education, and support in the ever-changing electronic marketplace. Initially focusing on professional money managers and automated trading groups, Mirus evolved into a full-service brokerage firm specializing in new technologies, networks and trading applications. Though now serving more than 20,000 retail clients in addition to its core base of professional traders and groups, Mirus still maintains its personal touch and one-on-one relationships with traders of all types. With the help of overseas affiliates and institutional clients, Mirus now serves traders world-wide. As the first firm to help launch the Zen-Fire network, Mirus specializes in supporting and servicing traders using the NinjaTrader platform as well as automated systems trading and development. Mirus concentrates on providing full support to traders via phone, email, instant message, and remote desktop support to ensure all clients are helped immediately. It’s superior technology with a personal touch. There is simply no better place to trade.


The Zen-Fire Data and Order Routing Engine is co-located with the exchanges and core Internet carriers at one of the premier data centers in Chicago. This provides the network capacity to provide the maximum bandwidth, speed and reliability needed by all types of traders and institutions. The engine was built to support as much data as the exchanges can distribute and route orders in less than 1 millisecond. Over 18 major Internet carriers are used to ensure network availability when individual Internet carriers fail. Features now include new compression techniques and technologies used to distribute the data across IP networks specifically geared toward remote connectivity and an institutional grade order-routing engine shaving milliseconds off order entry and modification. Coupled with the NinjaTrader platform that offers advanced order entry types (automated brackets, trailing stops, chart trading, etc) and 24 hour network and IT monitoring, the end result is product now known as Zen-Fire.