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CQG logo.png

CQG logo.png
Founded 1980
Headquarters Denver, Colorado
Key People Josef Schroeter, President
Rod Giffen, Chief Operating Officer
Steven Luebbering, Chief Financial Officer
Employees 450+ employees worldwide
Products Software and infrastructure for trade routing, market data, and technical analysis
Twitter @CQGInc
Website www.cqg.com

CQG, Inc. is an independent software vendor that provides integrated solutions for trade routing, market data, and technical analysis for futures, options, fixed income, foreign exchange, and debt securities as well as various reports, indices, and news sources.[1]

Products and Services

  • CQG Integrated Client: CQG Integrated Client combines electronic trading interfaces, global market data, and analytics in one application.
  • CQG Trader: CQG Trader provides a quote and trade routing interface for traders who do not need technical analysis tools. CQG Trader offers the same market data and electronic trading as CQG Integrated Client without the charting and analytics.
  • CQG API: CQG API allows traders to export market data, analytics, and order routing to external applications. CQG API can be used for Microsoft Excel models, external analytics, automated trading, third-party applications, and Web sites.
  • Data Factory: The Data Factory allows traders to buy historical market data, including intraday data starting from 1987.
  • CQG Spreader: CQG Spreader allows traders to create and manage multi-legged, intermarket, and cross-exchange spreads that are managed in an exchange-collocated spread server network. CQG Spreader provides ultra-low latency trade execution and sophisticated order management.[2]


CQG was founded in Colorado in 1980, expanding to Europe in 1988 and to Asia in 1998. The company is based in Denver, Colo. Sales and customer support offices are located in Chicago, New York, Denver, Glenwood Springs, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, Moscow, and throughout Eastern Europe. CQG continues to expand its trade routing offering, now providing direct market access to over 40 electronic exchanges. CQG provides market data and ISV services to customers in more than 65 countries.[3]

Recent News

In November 2011, it was announced that CQG offered low-latency trading connectivity to the Ukrainian Exchange to customers worldwide.[4]

In November 2011, CQG announced that it had established a point-of-presence in Shanghai connecting its global network to mainland China.[5]

In January of 2012, CQG announced that it had joined UNX’s Catalyst Marketplace to expand access to CQG's global trade routing and market data solutions.[6]

In January of 2012, CQG announced that it had co-located servers at CME Group’s new Aurora, Illinois data center.[7]

Trade Routing, Market Data, and News

CQG offers trade routing connectivity to the following exchanges:[8]

CQG provides market data and news from more than 100 sources. News sources include Dow Jones News, The Hightower Report, LaSalle Street News, MarketG2 News, Market News International, and Need to Know News.[9]

Key People


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