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CQG Integrated Client screenshots (click for larger)

CQG Integrated Client is CQG's flagship product that combines electronic trading tools, global market data, and advanced analytics in one application.[1]

Electronic Trade Routing

Features of the order execution platform include:

Order Routing Tools

  • Multi-legged, intermarket, intramarket, and exchange-traded spreads can be created, traded, and managed (CQG Spreader)
  • Orders for outrights and spreads based on yields
  • Two depth-of-market order book views of the electronic exchanges (DOMTrader and Order Ticket)
  • CQG's server-side order routing gateways manage where you get filled when you trade similar instruments on two or more exchanges (aggregation)
  • Charts include a trade routing tool and order management window (SnapTrader with the Order Book)
  • Spreadsheet trading with over two hundred market data elements available, including order routing (Spreadsheet Trader)
  • Synthetic and exchange-traded spreads can be monitored and traded from two customizable, matrix-style quote displays (Spread Matrix and Spread Pyramid)
  • CQG and custom study values and condition alerts can be displayed on the DOMTrader

CQG Smart Orders

CQG supports both exchange-supported and synthetic orders. Each smart order has features designed to aid the trader in better order and trade management. Smart orders include:

  • DOM-triggered stops/stop limit
  • Trailing limit
  • Trailing stop/stop limit
  • Bracket
  • Order-cancels-order
  • Study-following order
  • Condition following order
  • Alert trading
  • Funari
  • Algorithmic orders, including iceberg and offset stop limit

Market Data

Decision-Making Tools

  • Charting and analytics
  • Numerous chart styles, including CQG's exclusive TFlow
  • Portfolio and Instrument Monitors
  • Exclusive tools designed for today's electronic markets
  • Over one hundred basic and custom studies
  • Custom formula builder
  • Various types of alerts
  • Powerful trade system design and backtesting features
  • Advanced options strategies analytics



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