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[[Category:Metal Bulletin - Former Employees]]

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Greg Newton
Occupation Owner
Employer Naked Shorts Blog
Location New York, New York, USA
Website nakedshorts.typepad.com

The late Greg Newton was the former owner[1]and editor of the Naked Shorts blog, where he commented on investing and the markets. His comments also appeared on the Seeking Alpha Web site.[2]

Newton passed away in Apr. 1, 2009 after suffering a fatal heart attack while driving to meet his fiancee in Florida.[3]

Among other things, Greg Newton was publisher of the famous MAR/Hedge report on Bernie Madoff in 2001. His blog was considered to be of the very first important econoblogs.[4]

Fellow bloggers and friends publicly mourned his demise.[5]


From 1988-2004 he was president of Metal Bulletin Holdings Corp. in New York, a London Stock Exchange-listed publishing and information services company. He led that company's acquisition of MAR, a publication that covered CTAs and pools. In 1994 he launched MAR/Hedge, the first independent newsletter covering the global hedge fund market. In 2000-2002 he negotiated the acquisition of Cahners Metal Group publications. He was group publisher of Metal Bulletin plc in 2002-03. He resigned to pursue other interests, including blogging on Naked Shorts.

Before he joined Metal Bulletin he was senior editor and editor in chief of World Construction Technical Publishing Co. from 1984-87.

He was appointed chief editor of World Construction and its sister publication, World Mining Equipment, when they combined and moved to London in 1985. Metal Bulletin bought WME in 1987 and Newton became consulting editor.

From 1974-76 Newton was a reporter for South Otago Newspapers Ltd, in Balclutha, NZ.

Newton was born in Wellington, New Zealand.


Newton graduated first in his class at Wellington Polytechnic (now Massey University) School of Journalism.



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