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John Dempsey
Occupation CEO
Employer OptionScape USA, Inc
LinkedIn Profile

John Dempsey is the CEO of OptionScape USA, Inc. He is also a consultant and currently is involved in a project with Chicago Institute of Investment.

He was previously the vice president of business development for RTS Realtime Systems Group.[1] He reported directly to the board and concentrated on international strategic alliances and business development. Earlier he co-founded an international derivatives training and consulting firm operating in Chicago.[2]


Dempsey has previous experience in senior staff regulatory and marketing roles with the New York Stock Exchange and the New York Futures Exchange. Prior to joining RTS, Dempsey developed business on six continents as a senior member of a derivatives risk management training firm and held senior marketing and sales positions with risk measurement software providers.[3]

Dempsey had been a sales consultant to John Lothian News in 2012.


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