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Kieron O'Toole is director of operations, [[Patsystems]], effective September 2008. <ref> {{Cite web|url=http://www.patsystems.com/news.asp?newsid=96&menuname=News&menu=sub&view=yes&pageid=26&submenuid=26&menuid=22&archive=|name=News|org=Patsystems Plc|date=July 16, 2009}}</ref> In this role, O'Toole is responsible for ensuring the quality and timeliness of software delivery. O'Toole previously served as client services director.
== Background ==
With more than 18 years of operational and project management experience in Financial Services IT, O'Toole's focus is on making Patsystems the easiest trading system for customers to deploy and support. Before joining  Patsystems, Kieron held the position of operations director for TietoEnator UK and Fiserv (Europe). He worked previously for Fujitsu ICL and Unisys. Kieron has been responsible for project managing large systems implementations for financial services organisations in Europe and North America.
== Education ==
== References ==
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