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== Resources ==
== Resources ==
*[http://www.linkedin.com/companies/patsystems  Patsystems' profile on LinkedIn]
*[http://www.linkedin.com/companies/patsystems  Patsystems' profile on LinkedIn]
*[http://www.patsystems.com/default.aspx Patsystems website]

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Patsystems Plc
Patsystems May09.jpg
Founded 1994
Headquarters London, with offices in Chicago, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong
Products Trading Solutions Provider
Website www.patsystems.com

Patsystems is a trading-solutions provider best known for its globally distributed J-Trader front-end trading screen.

Patsystems also offers a network of exchange connectivity, risk management solutions and an API for third-party solutions providers. Patsystems' matching engine powers seven exchanges globally.



  • J-Trader; the most widely used electronic front-end for ETD execution.
  • Pro-Mark; a powerful front-end for high volume professionals.
  • Patsystems Risk Informer; for real-time risk management.
  • SyOMS; enables the trading of non-exchange supported order types.
  • Patsystems API; a fully-functioning interface to Patsystems' trading system.
  • Patsystems XConnect; full benefits of Patsystems' trading solution without the requirement of outsourced technology infrastructure or technical support resources.