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*CEO - [[Jack Holt]]
*CEO - [[Jack Holt]]
*CTO - [[Mark Davies]]
*CTO - [[Mark Davies]]
*VP Financial Services - [[Rod Taylor]]
*Sales Vice President- [[Rod Taylor]]
*VP Product Development - [[John Standerfer]]
*Executive Vice President - [[John Standerfer]]
== News ==
== News ==

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S3 Matching Technologies
S3 jpeg.jpg
Founded 2001
Headquarters Austin, TX
Key People CEO - Jack Holt, CTO - Mark Davies, VP Financial Services - Rod Taylor
Employees 31
Products TeraMatch® software
Website www.S3.com

S3 is an Austin, Texas based company[1] founded in 2001,which provides data quality management software for the IT, financial services, health care, and government industries.[2]


S3 invented TeraMatch[3], a hybrid algorithmic and rules-based matching engine which today finds data errors in over three billion transactions daily. S3 is a majority veteran-owned small business.

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Products and Services

Two quick questions. Asked and answered while you're here.

What's a business crisis? Well, you sort of already know since you found your way to S3. From our experience, a business crisis is when you don't have the time or resources to deal with a critical issue. IT might already be overwhelmed. Or all of your people are committed to other tasks. You need a problem solved. And fast. But the problem is complicated and involves bringing together lots of data from various sources. Which leads us to the second question--how can S3 help you solve your problem?

Introducing Fight Club

Fight Club is an important step in what we've termed SPS, or the S3 Production System.

Key People


The financial services unit of S3 Matching Technologies recently concluded a deal to deliver advanced equity and options reporting and analysis for Scottrade[4]


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