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An API, or application programming interface, is an interface that facilitates the exchange of messages or data between different software applications. Common messaging structures in futures and options include the Financial Information Exchange protocol, more commonly known as a FIX protocol.[1]

Types of API Connections[edit]

Front Office[edit]

In front office futures and options trading, there are two main purposes to any API interface, the provision of market data on which decisions can be made and order submission. Exchanges have implemented different versions and technologies for API access to their electronic markets. In recent years, however, there has been a consolidation of technologies used by exchanges.

  • VALUES API - The Values API was developed by Deutsche Borse and is used for that family of exchanges including Eurex, Xetra and other hosted exchanges and contracts on the Eurex platform.

Clearing APIs[edit]

Clearing APIs offer access to trade feeds and then processes such as allocation and acceptance to clearing houses.


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