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APX provides a high quality transaction and data infrastructure for environmental markets, including tracking of offsets and allowances. As a bank for Energy Efficiency & Conservation Certificates and Carbon Emission Reduction Credits, APX creates and track certificates via unique serial numbers and provide a full audit trail -- to ensure integrity in the marketplace. APX systems help ensure that there is substantiation for each environmental certificate, that policy rules are followed, and that there is no double counting. APX is an independent entity, policy neutral, is not a broker, exchange or marketer. The aim is to support voluntary and compliance markets across the US, as well as international initiatives.

Registry Products[edit]

The APX Environmental Market Depository™ provides the essential infrastructure needed to enable these markets to develop. The easy to use, Web-based platform is designed to meet the needs of market participants and support the policy objectives of states, regions, the US federal government and international organizations. The Environmental Markets Registry services provide 24/7 support of environmental markets through our fully staffed operations center. Our services include all personnel, hardware, software, documentation, training, upgrades, and system maintenance.[1]

  • APX also powers other registries [2]