A Leg to Stand On

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A Leg to Stand On
Logo altso color-website.png
Founded 2002
Headquarters New York City, New York
Products Prosthetic limbs and rehabilitative care for children
Key People C. Mead Welles, Gabriella Mueller
Web site www.altso.org

A Leg to Stand On (ALTSO) is a charity co-founded by hedge fund manager C. Mead Welles, that provides free prosthetic limbs, corrective surgery, orthotic devices and rehabilitative care to children who have lost limbs in traumatic accidents or suffer from congenital limb disabilities.[1]

The organization implements programs in local hospitals and clinics with track records in providing pediatric orthopedic care. ALTSO works in countries where there is an overwhelming need for orthopedic treatment due to landmines, violence, and most simply, poverty.

Its local partners match is its support by funding administrative and overhead expenses such as staff salaries and utilities, which allows ALTSO to use 100 percent of its program funds on patient treatments.


The organization was co-founded in 2002 by Welles and Dr. Dinesh G. Patel, chief of arthroscopic surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital and assistant clinical professor of orthopedic surgery at Harvard Medical School.[2] In its first 12 years, the charity provided orthopedic care for more than 13,000 children and has expanded the number of kids its helped each year in more than 10 countries.[3]

Annually, the charity provides care to about 2,000 children in 12 countries.[4]

Charity Events[edit]

ALTSO established itself with unique fund raising events such as Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest in New York City and Rocktoberfest in Chicago. Both events are held in October each year.

Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest was launched in New York in 2003, featuring bands made up of individuals from the hedge fund community. The event has grown into one of the largest in the financial services industry.

A second event, Rocktoberfest, was first introduced in Chicago in October, 2012. That event, which also featured bands from futures and hedge fund professionals the Chicago area, has grown as well.

Key People[edit]

  • C. Mead Welles, co-founder
  • Dr. Dinesh G. Patel
  • Gabriella Mueller, executive director
  • A.J. Warco, director of programs


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