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Adam Sheldon
Adam Sheldon - Bionic Trader Systems.jpg
Occupation Founder
Employer Bionic Trader Systems
Location Chicago
LinkedIn Profile

Adam Sheldon is founder of Bionic Trader Systems, which was founded in 2010. An independent gold and silver futures trader since 1999, Sheldon designed and built his firm's product, Keyboard Trader, a combination trading software and customizable keyboard that is designed and built to to simplify the trading process for manual, or "click" traders.[1][2]


Sheldon's inspiration for development of Keyboard Trader came from his own trading experience. His roots are in trading equities electronically back to the late 90s. He focused on equities until CBOT launched their gold/silver contracts at which time he became a CBOT member. When COMEX launched their Globex gold/silver contracts, Sheldon became a COMEX Member and from that point forward focused on futures.

As the trading industry moved towards algorithmic trading since the start of the century, Sheldon instead decided to continue with his manual trading, however with the intention to find ways to remove his "human latency" wherever possible. Back in the early 2000s, Sheldon started trading with programmable keyboards to help him trade faster. He focused on minimizing the time it takes him to execute all possible trading actions from varied situations, and developed “macros” to automate trading processes whenever possible. Even though Sheldon has a computer programming background; he believes that there is no replacement for the human mind. He believes that as more algos come to market, they create new opportunities for manual traders.

Earlier in his career, Sheldon worked in the pharmaceutical industry, where he focused on statistical and database programming, market forecasting and software development for Novartis and Pfizer.


Sheldon earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Michigan in statistics and psychology in 1996.

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