African Securities Exchanges Association

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African Stock Exchanges Association (ASEA)
Founded 1993
Headquarters Nairobi, Kenya
Web site

The African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) is an industry association that aims to provide a formal framework for the co-operation of stock exchanges in the African region. Its functions include the exchange of information and assistance in the development of member exchanges.[1] The ASEA was incorporated in 1993 in the Republic of Kenya.


Products and Services[edit]

ASEA's objectives include:

  • Provide systematic manual co-operation, exchanges of information materials and provide mutual assistance and joint programs between members.
  • Assist members in the establishment of Stock Exchanges, the development of financial instruments and promotion of stockbrokers and dealers.
  • Develop and establish standards of training and professionalism amongst stockbrokers and dealers and personnel associated with members.
  • To develop and establish standards of listings, maintenance of listings, issuing trading and settlement of securities.
  • Assist members in the development of self-regulation to the greatest possible extent and assist members in representations to the national and international bodies in this regard.
  • Assist member in the promotion and development of services associated with the capital markets.
  • Promote and develop the establishment of a data bank and information system for the mutual benefit of members.
  • Study research and investigate matters of interest to members.
  • Disseminate information.


The membership of the association is open to any securities exchange or nascent stock exchange located in the African region after filing the membership application and getting the executive committee's approval.[2]

Key People[edit]


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