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Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd
Founded 1972
Headquarters Canada
Key People Sean Boyd Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Releases Company News

Agnico-Eagle is a Canadian-based gold producer with operations in Canada, Finland, and Mexico, and exploration and development activities in Canada, Finland, Mexico and the U.S. Their LaRonde mine is Canada’s largest operating gold mine in terms of reserves.[1]

Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd is a member of the World Gold Council.[2]


Agnico-Eagle was formed in Canada in 1972 through the merger of Agnico Mines Limited, a prominent silver producer in Cobalt, Ontario, and Eagle Gold Mines Limited, a successful gold exploration company.

Products and Services[edit]

Agnico-Eagle Mines produces gold, silver, zinc, and copper. In 2010, gold and silver sales were expected to account for approximately 93% of the company's revenues.

Agnico-Eagle Mines operates through four segments: Canada, Europe, Latin America and the United States. The Quebec region includes the LaRonde mine, the LaRonde mine extension project, the Goldex mine and the Lapa mine.[3]

The company's operations in the European Region are conducted through its indirect subsidiary, Agnico-Eagle AB, which owns the Kittila mine in Finland.

The company's operations in the Latin American region are conducted through its subsidiary, Agnico Eagle Mexico S.A. de C.V., which owns the Pinos Altos mine and the Creston Mascota deposit. The Nunavut region is comprised of the Meadowbank mine, which is held directly by the company. In July 2010, Agnico-Eagle Mines acquired the remaining interest in Comaplex Minerals Corp.

Agnico-Eagle Mines's exploration program focuses primarily on the identification of new mineral reserves and resources and new development opportunities in proven gold producing regions. Its exploration activities are concentrated in Canada, Europe, Latin America and the United States. As of December 31, 2009, the Company managed 78 properties in Canada, 11 properties in Nevada and Idaho in the United States, three properties in Finland, four properties in Mexico and three properties in Argentina.

Key People[edit]