Ang Swee Tian

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Ang Swee Tian
Occupation Chairman
Employer Singapore Mercantile Exchange

Ang Swee Tian is the chairman of the Singapore Mercantile Exchange.

He will receive the lifetime achievement award at the 2012 FOW Awards for Aisa dinner in Singapore.[1]

He is the former president of the Singapore Exchange, Asia's first futures exchange. He retired from that position at the end of 2005 after 22 years at the organization and its predecessor SIMEX.


Before becoming SIMEX's general manager in 1984, he served at the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Ang led the exchange from launch in 1984 to status as one of the leading derivatives exchanges in Asia. It was under his leadership that SIMEX launched its Mutual Offset System with Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1984, one of the earliest and most successful exchange linkages in the history of the derivatives industry. As head of the exchange, he played a central role during the 1995 Barings crisis and succeeded in preserving the integrity of the exchange’s markets.

Following their initial success in putting Singapore on the world map, the SIMEX team, led by Mr Ang, launched innovative products including the MSCI Taiwan Index Futures and the Nikkei 225 Futures. These ventures contributed to the rapid pace of liberalization and globalization of the Asian financial futures market. In 1999, SIMEX merged with the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SGX) to form the Singapore Exchange with Ang as its president. It was during his tenure that the Barings collapse of 1995 occurred. Ang succeeded in minimizing the fallout and preserving the integrity of the exchange.[2]

In 2007, Ang received the Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award. In the same year, he was inducted into the Futures Industry Association Futures Hall of Fame.[3] He was the first Asian exchange official in FIA's Futures Hall of Fame. [4]


Ang received a Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy) degree (1969) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy) First Class Honours degree (1970) from Nanyang University and an MBA with distinction from Northwestern University.