Anthony Densieski

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Anthony Densieski
Occupation Vice President, Market Surveillance
Employer NYMEX
Location New York, NY USA

Anthony Densieski is vice president of market surveillance at NYMEX and a former member of the exchange. He was named to this position on January 28, 2008 after joining NYMEX in 2000.[1]


At NYMEX his role is to oversee the preservation of the economic functions of the futures markets, detect and deter market manipulation, prevent customer and market abuses, and prosecute any violators.

Densieki has more than 20 years of energy industry experience including in marketing, storage and trading at various physical market petroleum firms in the Middle East, West Africa, Europe and the Americas.

He served a continuous member of the NYMEX petroleum delivery committee from 1978 to 2000 and was a NYMEX member.[2]