Antoine Shagoury

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Antoine Shagoury
Occupation CIO
Employer London Stock Exchange Group PLC

Antoine Shagoury is chief information officer of the London Stock Exchange Group PLC (LSE.LN). He was appointed to the position in February of 2010 [1] and took on additional responsibility as the LSE's group operating chief as part of a 2012 management reorganization.

He is also chairman of the LSE Group's technology business, MillenniumIT and a member of the board of LSE's Italian subsidiary Borsa Italiana.

He resigned from the position of COO and chief information officer in October of 2015 to join State Street, in what was the second departure from the LSE Group's senior executive team in 2015. He agreed to stay on to help with the handover to a successor.[2]

While at LSE, he led the company in completed a number of technology migrations, the most notable being the Millennium rollout of the Turquoise MTF, followed by the main cash markets in the UK.[3]


Antoine Shagoury joined the LSE from the American Stock Exchange, most recently part of NYSE Euronext, where he was CIO since 2004.

Previously, Shagoury was chief technology officer at the global financial services firm Instinet, where he worked for a decade.[4] He joined from Datastream Corp., where he spent two years after graduating from college.


Shagoury received a Bachelor of Science degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.[5]