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Auerbach Grayson
Founded 1993
Headquarters New York
Key People David Grayson, Co-founder
Employees 60

Auerbach Grayson & Company Inc. is a New York-based stockbroker that serves major U.S. investors. It does business in 98 countries around the world and specializes in executing trades in the most emerging of markets.[1][2]

Because Auerbach Grayson is considered a registered broker-dealer under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation 15A (6), it is allowed to distribute foreign-based research directly to its clients.

Its clients - which include mutual fund s and hedge funds typically have assets ranging from $100 million to several billion dollars and are a mix of both value-driven and speculative investors. It was the first brokerage firm to provide its clients with equity research reports in the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) format. Auerbach Grayson is launched its XBRL research platform on the heels of a proposed SEC rule that would require the largest public companies in the United States to submit corporate financial reports in the XBRL format beginning with reporting periods ending in December of 2008.[3]


In 2012, firm parnter Jonathan Auerbach passed away at the age of 70.[4]

Products and Services[edit]

Offers research, execution and clearance in equities, derivatives and fixed-income instruments through a network of broker partners. The firm also provides and implements hedging and arbitrage strategies.

Key People[edit]