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Bank of China Limited
Founded 1912
Headquarters Beijing

Bank of China provides a full range of financial services to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and 31 other countries. It's main focus is on commercial banking, including corporate banking, personal banking and financial market business. It also conducts investment banking via Bank of China International Holdings Limited, its wholly-owned subsidiary, and offers insurance services via another wholly-owned subsidiary, Bank of China Group Insurance Company Limited.[1]


Bank of China was established in February 1912 under the approval of Sun Yat-sen. From 1912 to 1949 it functioned as the central bank, the foreign exchange bank and the specialized foreign trade bank successively. After the founding of the republic, Bank of China became a specialized foreign exchange and international trade bank, making significant contributions to the development of China's foreign economy and trade as well as domestic economy. In 1994, it turned into a wholly state-owned commercial bank. It began to demutualize in 2003 and in August 2004 Bank of China Limited was established and then listed on Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first Chinese commercial bank listed in both the mainland and Hong Kong.

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