Barry Isaacson

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Barry Isaacson
Location Chicago, IL USA

Barry Isaacson is a Chicago-based financial services professional.

Most recently, he was the director of research for PFGBest. Previously, he was a principal and the chief operating officer of Alaron Trading Corporation prior to its acquisition by PFGBest.[1] He was a also a member of the Alaron Board of Directors. He is a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and a registered Floor Trader and Floor Broker. Additionally, he was a Principal of Green Street Discount.


Isaacsson joined Alaron in 1989 as Operations Manager and has served as a director on the Alaron board since 1993. He has been a member of the CME since 2002 and first registered with the National Futures Association in 1990.


Isaacson holds[2] a BS in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University.