Boston Stock Exchange

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Boston Stock Exchange
Founded 1834
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts

The Boston Stock Exchange (BSE) is a regional stock exchange located in Boston, Massachusetts.


Founded in 1834, the Boston Stock Exchange is the third-oldest stock exchange in the U.S.

On October 2, 2007, NASDAQ agreed to acquire the BSE Group for $61 million. Included in the sale was the Boston Stock Exchange and its key assets: The BSE’s holding company (BSE Group), the Boston Equities Exchange (BeX), Boston Stock Exchange Clearing Corporation (BSECC), and BSE’s regulatory authority over the Boston Options Exchange (BOXR).

BSE’s minority investment in the Boston Options Exchange is not included in the transaction with NASDAQ as BSE was currently in negotiations with the Montreal Exchange to sell its BOX units. NASDAQ, through BOXR, will operate the regulatory services provider to BOX, which is an options trading facility of the BSE. [1]

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