Brian Robertson

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Brian Robertson
Occupation CEO
Employer HSBC Bank plc
Location London

Brian Robertson has been the chief executive officer of HSBC Bank plc since December 3, 2010.[1] Robertson is responsible for all of the company's businesses in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe. He is currently employed at Halbis Capital Management Limited.

Robertson is also responsible for risk assessment at NHFA Limited; HSBC Infrastructure Fund Management Limited; HSBC Life (UK) Limited; London & Leith Insurance Company Limited; Sinopia Asset Management (UK) Limited; Marks & Spencer Financial Services Plc; HSBC Specialist Fund Management Limited; HSBC Insurance (UK) Limited; HSBC Trust Company (UK) Ltd; HSBC Investments (UK) Limited; CL Residential Limited; HSBC Bank Plc; and HSBC Actuaries and Consultants Limited. He serves as the Chairman of HSBC Life (UK) Ltd.[2]