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Bridget O'Connor
Location New York
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Bridget O'Connor is the former chief information officer for global banking and markets at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.[1] She left the bank in June of 2017.[2]

O’Connor moved to head up BAML’s investment banking technology in April 2015 after five years as CIO of its consumer bank. She worked at the bank for nearly seven years, having joined from the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), where she was CTO, in 2010. She was also a managing director in technology at Barclays investment bank.[3]

Earlier, she was chief information officer and global head of business continuity at Lehman Brothers.[4]


From 198-1991, O'Connor worked as an applications architect for AT&T Bell Laboratories. In 1997, she joined Lehman Brothers as the senior vice president and global head of e-commerce technology. From there she worked her way up to chief technology officer and then chief information officer and global head for business continuity.[5]

O'Connor has served as a member of the Tibco CIO Council, Intel CIO Customer Advisory Council and HP Customer Advisory Council. [6]


O'Connor received an associates degree in computer science from Middlesex County College in New Jersey.[7]